Weddings at East Cobb Presbyterian Church

Marriage is a covenant relationship instituted by God for the mutual happiness of his people and for the glory of his name. All weddings at East Cobb Presbyterian Church must conform to the doctrinal convictions and practices of the church.

The service which you are anticipating is different from many other wedding services in that it is a Christian worship service. The fact that you have come to East Cobb Presbyterian Church for counsel and guidance indicates that your concern is for a marriage that will bring glory to God. It is appropriate that the wedding service reflect this.

Christian couples want their wedding ceremony to be characterized by dignity, reverence and joy. Our church rejoices in such occasions and this imposes particular responsibilities just as it offers particular blessings. Your wedding will mean more to you, your families and your friends when there is careful concern for all the reverent aspects of the holy occasion.

All wedding policies have been established by the Session (Board of Elders) to accomplish that purpose and to assist the bride and groom and their families in answering questions regarding the wedding ceremony. Any exceptions to these policies are required to be brought before the Session for approval.

We are delighted that you have requested to celebrate your wedding at East Cobb Presbyterian Church. It is our desire to assist you with your plans by presenting you with information gleaned from the experiences of many couples who have been married in our sanctuary. This booklet of information is intended to prevent any “surprises” and make your arrangements precise and smooth as well as preserve the beauty and dignity of our church for many generations to come.


Most weddings are performed by a minister of Perimeter Church. It is your responsibility to contact the minister of your choice. A pastor or minister from another Christian denomination may be permitted to perform the ceremony.  This must be approved through the Wedding Coordinator. 

Click here to email our Wedding Coordinator.

Premarital Counseling

The prospective bride and groom must participate in a pre-marital counseling program provided by one of the pastors on staff. The program includes counseling sessions that cover the critical knowledge essential to building a strong marriage. Couples will also learn how to apply a biblical foundation throughout their marriage. The bride and groom are responsible for contacting the officiating pastor to schedule and make payments for their counseling sessions.

+ Making Reservations

All arrangements and questions concerning the wedding need to be directed through the Church Wedding Coordinator. She will submit your reservation and act as a liaison between the Bridal party and the Church.

As a member you are able to schedule a wedding up to one year in advance, based on availability. Members of affiliated churches may submit a reservation 6 months in advance, based on availability. Contact should be made with the Church's Wedding Coordinator to explore open calendar dates. Application forma forms are submitted for approval, and the wedding party will be notified within two weeks of application.

Weddings may be scheduled on Friday or Saturday. We allow one ceremony per day and one reception per weekend. For all evening weddings, reception cleanup must be finished by 10:00 PM. The Bride’s room is available 5 hours before ceremony start time. The Ministry Center is available for 7 hours before ceremony start time. We cannot accommodate a Friday night reception when there is a Saturday wedding already scheduled.

+ Sanctuary Guidelines

Weddings may be held in the church sanctuary which seats approximately 350 people (with a center aisle) or 375 (without a center aisle). The date and time of the wedding and the time of the wedding rehearsal are to be given to the ECPC Wedding Coordinator for scheduling on the calendar. All sanctuary lights are on dimmers for desired light intensity. The bride may wish to check with her photographer prior to the wedding regarding the amount of lighting needed to achieve the desired effect for pictures, or have him check the sanctuary with one of the facility staff before the guests begin arriving.
Any tear down and reset of the sanctuary stage must be done by ECPC personnel. The Atrium or gym may be reserved for the wedding reception and/or the rehearsal dinner. The fees for the use of these rooms for those outside of the congregation are listed in the Wedding Fees section of this packet. The gym will accommodate comfortably400 people/320 for a seated meal, the Atrium has a seated 50 person capacity. No alcoholic beverage may be used for receptions and/or rehearsal dinners at the church and smoking is not permitted in the buildings. The hosting party is responsible for informing guests of no smoking in church buildings. Punch should not contain Kool Aid or food coloring of any kind. These are the two things that are not removable from carpets. Please understand that in the event that church property is damaged or destroyed, the church will replace or repair such articles and will bill the wedding party. It is the caterer’s responsibility in supplying the needed services for the wedding reception to leave the church’s facilities in the same good order in which they are found. Our facility staff will do the regular cleaning. When a wedding occurs at a time when our regular cleaning crew is unavailable, a fee will be assessed for an alternate crew. THERMOSTAT POLICY: The Deacons of East Cobb Presbyterian Church have a policy that sets the thermostat in the Sanctuary to a fixed temperature. To help maintain a comfortable environment, please keep the exterior doors and the interior doors to the Sanctuary closed as long as possible prior to the beginning of the wedding ceremony. You may ask the Wedding Coordinator to arrange with the Facilities Team to adjust the temperature. Your cooperation with this policy will help insure that everyone will be comfortable during the service.

+ Fees

Wedding Fees MEMBER FACILITY FEES To be eligible for member fees you must be a member of East Cobb Presbyterian Church for at least 6 months prior to your wedding date. SECURITY DEPOSIT $250.00 Wedding party is responsible for clean up. Deposit will be forfeited if the facilities are not left clean and in order.) BASE FEE $400.00 (Includes use of the Sanctuary and Atrium for rehearsal and ceremony.) USE OF GYM $200.00 (Maximum capacity: 400 people for a traditional reception; 320 for a meal with tables.) USE OF ATRUIM included USE OF THE LARGE KITCHEN $75.00 OTHER ROOMS $50.00 USE OF NURSERY $50.00 per room TABLECLOTHS TBD

(Recommended honorarium) MARRIAGE COUNSELING $250.00
WORSHIP & ARTS DIRECTOR $200.00 as a musician)
MUSICIANS (For complete fees for musicians and sound, see section on Music.) ECPC Pianist/Music Coord. $200.00

+ Vendor Guidelines


As the wedding ceremony is a service of worship, we allow no flash photography from the finish of the processional to the beginning of the recessional. The photographer may take non-flash pictures from the rear of the Chapel and in the stained glass window alcove on each side. As the bride enters the photographer may be at the front of the Chapel until the bride is halfway down the aisle.

Video recording is allowed following the same placement guidelines as the photographer. An unmanned camera is allowed in a stationary location on the stage for the wedding service. The camera should be in place before guests are seated, at least 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Vendors must furnish all equipment such as extension cords, adaptors, etc.


Music used in connection with the ceremony should be in keeping with the sacredness and dignity of the wedding service. The Bridal party is responsible for hiring all the musicians and vocalists that will play/sing for the wedding. Please communicate the number of musicians to the Wedding Coordinator, so that the technical arrangements can be made. A large number of musicians and vocalists could require additional tech support at an additional cost.

Music for the reception can be more secular in nature. All secular music to be played in the reception, by the wedding party, DJ or band should not have foul language or adult themes.


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