At ECPC we know the importance of community and fellowship, and we believe we grow closer to one another and to God when we do life together. Life Groups are a key part of our ministry and meet at various times and locations throughout the week. Below you’ll find a list of our current groups. You can connect with a group by emailing the group leader directly, or simply click the link below and we’ll help you find one that’s right for you.

+ What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are groups of individuals, couples, and families doing life together and reminding one another of the gospel. We study the Bible together, we eat together, we worship together, we serve together, and we pray together.

+ Why should I be a part of a Life Group?

Sunday morning is a great time to get to know our worship and our beliefs. But to get to know us, you have to get to know our people. Life Groups are a next step in getting connected to the ministry and mission of ECPC, and it is where we grow in the gospel as we work through all of life’s little moments in fellowship and community with one another.

+ When do they meet?

Most groups meet weekly in homes around our community or at the church.

+ How do I join a group?

We’d love to connect you with a couple of group leaders whose groups may work best with your location, schedule, and life stage. Check out the list of our current groups below, or fill out the form below to get in touch with someone who can help you find the group that’s right for you.

Find a group

Get started by emailing, filling out the form above, or emailing a group leader directly.

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