This summer ECPC will once again be supporting Summerhill Community Ministries’ Summer Camp Program by providing hot nutritious lunches for the campers & staff.


Camp starts in less than a month, so we need to get signed up and organized! This is a great service opportunity for you, your family, friends, Life Group, or Bible study to do together. Want to eat with the children? Just bring extra food for yourselves. The children especially enjoy ECPC youth eating with them.

Things You’ll Want To Know!

Please feel free to contact Donna Minday (770-973-4114 x100 or donna@eastcobbpres.org) with any questions or menu suggestions. We would love for you to take pictures while you are there (or from your group’s prep time), and send them to donna@eastcobbpres.org.  We would like to share our experiences on our church’s Facebook group to share what we are doing with everyone. It might encourage someone to participate.


You should plan on serving 75 people, which includes children, teachers & staff. If you plan on eating with the children, make sure you factor that into how much you prepare. 

You may use the ovens at the church, but you must make arrangements ahead of time.  This summer the kitchen is used by a science camp. They are willing to rearrange their morning schedule to accommodate kitchen needs we may have, but I have to let them know in advance.

You do not need to provide beverages.  The Summerhill teen leaders will make the lemonade (they have on hand) for everyone to drink.

Please note: Allow about 20 minutes for the ovens to heat up to 350°.


The children enjoy taco salad, lasagna, sloppy joe’s, pasta dishes, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, fried or bar-b-que chicken, broccoli, corn, green beans, baked beans, fresh carrots with ranch dressing, and mashed potatoes, chips, etc.

Things they have not cared for in the past: curry dishes, fish sticks, side salads, potato salad, peas, pinto, Lima or black beans, and coleslaw.


The kitchen at Summerhill has a residential stove top and oven.  It has 2 shelves, and is large enough to fit 2 full restaurant-sized baking pans.  However, you should arrive with your food already thoroughly heated.  Their oven will keep your food warm, but do not plan on using their oven to do the primary heating.  You may use the ovens at the church IF you make arrangements ahead of time.  The Summerhill kitchen has ample counter space along with a counter top island that is great for helping to get the plates served. They also have plenty of serving utensils.


From church allow about 45 minutes for travel (with not much traffic).  If you leave at 10:45am, that will put you at Summerhill by 11:15am, and give you a generous amount of time if you need to do some last minute preparations. Lunch is served promptly at 12:15pm.


When you arrive at Summerhill, be sure to park on the same side of the road in which your are driving. The police have been issuing tickets for improper parking.

The teen staff will probably be waiting for your arrival. If they don’t come out right away, just knock on the door to let them know you’ve arrived.  They will come out help unload whatever you have brought.  


Once you get yourself moved into the kitchen, and get organized and devise a plan for serving, the teen leaders will typically do the actual serving.  Make sure you show them the serving size portion you planned on.  The younger children will get a smaller serving.  Someone in your group will want to stay nearby to supervise.  After everyone has been served, the teens will serve themselves lunch.  If there is some leftover, seconds are always appreciated!


The time passes so quickly that before you know it, the children will have all been served. The teen staff will clean up!  Leftover food will be appreciated if you leave it. Oftentimes, if parents are running late or have made arrangements, Justina takes children home with her and gives a snack or dinner.

 Please drop off anything you borrowed from the ECPC kitchen.  We need borrowed items to be returned promptly, as it is likely that the next day’s group will need them as well.

Don’t forget to send pictures to donna@eastcobbpres.org and/or post your pics to our ECPC Facebook group.

Thank you for devoting time, energy and love to serving Summerhill this summer. We am fairly confident that you will leave with a full heart in seeing what God is doing in this ministry.

May you be blessed in serving!


Summerhill Community Ministries is located in a residential neighborhood at 521 Kelly St., Atlanta, GA 30312.